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Interactive, in-depth tutorials on avalanche safety for both the new backcountry traveler starting their educational journey and experienced user looking for a refresher. These tutorials are not a replacement for a comprehensive in-person avalanche training course . Find a course here.


  • Rescue Equipment This video covers the equipment every backcountry traveler must carry every time they leave the trailhead to facilitate the recovery of an avalanche victim by AIARE
  • Practice Rescue Are you headed into the mountains this winter? Are you prepared for backcountry travel? This is a video to help you practice avalanche rescue by AIARE
  • Departure Check Here's what to do before you leave the trailhead every time you enter the backcountry. by AIARE
Essential equipment for every backcountry traveler
Departure Check
Avalanche Rescue Practice

Avalanche Terrain

Am I in Avalanche Terrain?
Throttle Decisions Chapter 6: Terrain

Unstable Snow

Avalanche forecaster Dallas Glass reviews ways you can tell if you're in terrain where the snow is unstable.
The 5 Red Flags Unstable Snow and Avalanche Danger
Throttle Decisions Chapter 7: Evaluate Hazard

Risk Reduction

Choose Terrain to Reduce your Risk
Throttle Decisions Chapter 3: Safe Travel